Author Topic: 14 year old with daycare expenses  (Read 6167 times)


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14 year old with daycare expenses
« on: February 10, 2014, 06:44:59 PM »
You read it. we are evaluating child support and she is raising it an extra 200 a month saying he has daycare expenses. I filled a motion with a child care verification form. it was filled out and handed to me at the next court hearing right in the room in front of judge. My arguement is he is 14 he is 6 ft tall wears a size 12 shoe, he hasnt went to daycare since srs quit paying for it after the age of 12. She said she has to pay for a spot just incase she needs him to got there. He doesnt ride the bus after school to daycare like the rest of the children. He lives 100 feet from the schooll and has walked home for 2 years. All of a sudden he is back in daycare. highly doubt it. daycare is her friend and would lie or not lie say he is enrolled and mom pass her the money and she give it right back to her. So the judge says i am required to support the child. And if i dont want to pay for child support there will be a trial and i will pay what he thinks i should pay. I told him i have been paying child support for 13 years and covered a birth of 14,000. he said we we are now going to trial and i will be sorry for my actions on not wanting to pay the daycare.