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Long distance parenting time. Adjustment
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:46:44 AM »
Im doing my child support worksheet and there are places for Long distance parenting time adjustments and parenting time adjustment overall financial condition. On my exs child support worksheet he didnt out anything however I live in texas now and him in kansas he wont help get me up to see my kids or help bribg them to me. Its costs roughly $800 to $1000 to go hone to see my kids for 1 week in kansas since he wont let me take them out of state till after divorce is final. I eat this expense. What amount would I put there in that spot I pay this about 5 tomes per year. But thats all I get to spend with them. They never get to come to my house. Its always in a motel. He stopped paying my alimony I had been getting for two years not court ordered making me contest our divorce to get it back. Now im stuck representing myself and its not easy to understand all this forms. Specially with a learning disability. Can anyobe explain to me how much or how to figure this amounts for adjustments.


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Re: Long distance parenting time. Adjustment
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 09:25:02 PM »
Firstly the long distance adjustment and the overall financial condition adjustment are discretionary with the court.  The Judge will need to approve the amount, but you are correct that if you'd like to formally request that credit, this is the box you want to put it in.  From the sounds of it, the distance adjustment would be applicable to your case.  The overall financial condition adjustment is more for considerations that fall outside of any other section of the guidelines.  One such condition might be that you require therapy or special education to cope with your learning disability which absorbs a lot of your income.  In such a case, the Judge could allow your requested adjustment (or make changes to it).

To calculate the amount, you would itemize all the costs to exercise parenting time (such as airfare costs and lodging).  Then multiply that by how many times you'd be traveling to see the kids over the course of a year and divide by 12 to arrive at the monthly amount.

It is possible the Judge could reject your proposal if you voluntarily moved to TX and there was no agreement to this move.  However, if the move was for work or to have family support, or possibly the move was already in the plan before the divorce, a Judge might allow it.  In my opinion there is no harm in requesting the adjustment.  The judge could allow it or not.  It's probably worth at least asking and making your case.