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Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee
June 27, 2014
9:30 A.M.
Approved Minutes
Members present: Hon. Thomas Foster, chair; Hon. Constance Alvey; Melissa Johnson; Charlie Harris, Brian Mull; Sherri Loveland; Doni Mooberry; Amy Beardy; Lisa Howell; Carol Park; William McClain.
Staff: Mark Gleeson, Elizabeth Reimer
Guest: Robert G. Williams, Ph.D.
Affordable Care Act Impact
Dr. Williams shared information and presented a PowerPoint presentation about the impact of the federal Affordable Care Act on the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. If a parent claims the dependant’s exception on their income taxes but does not pay for the child’s health insurance, they could be penalized by the IRS. The IRS considers a child to be the member of the tax household that claims the dependant’s exemption. (See PowerPoint presentation.) If one or both parents are insured through the Affordable Care Act and had previously alternated the child tax credit, it is recommended that they choose the most favorable alternative and stick with it. Dr. Williams’ presentation will be shared with all members of the committee.
Proposed Changes
Charlie Harris provided a list of issues to discuss during this review period. Brian Mull presented an overview of his proposed changes to the guidelines. There was some preliminary discussion and long-term committee members provided background and clarification to Mr. Mull regarding some of these items.
Mark Gleeson provided a detailed timeline for this guidelines review. The Committee agreed with the timeline. (See Agenda for timeline.)
Agenda Topics
The following topics were reviewed as possible issues to discuss during this review of the guidelines.
 Impact of the Affordable Care Act – Recommendation for Immediate Change
o Definition of Direct and Indirect expenses
 Definitions/acronyms
 Case law changes
 Shared Custody
 Log Equations within the schedules: Is it acceptable? Maybe a clarification?
 Emancipation calculated proportionately per Brady
 Eliminating age brackets
 Sharing of employer imposed income withholding order fees
 Duty to Notify on change of circumstance
 Extraordinary expenses (cell phones, vehicle expenses)
 Are vehicles and cell phones for teenagers included in the economic data factored into the guidelines?
 Multiple Family Applications
 Income considerations (intentionally unemployed, married)
 Review dissolution burden – how was this calculated
 DRA update – confusing
 DRA use of short form for all cases including establishment in certain cases
 Shared residency
 Parenting Time Adjustment
 Factors for Equal Parenting Time Formula
 Percentage EPT for clothing
 Change Guidelines to delete state child care credit
 VA disability as income
 Revise EPT worksheet
 Omissions from DRA by Trustees – should be addressed by DCF
 More than two-parent family
Subcommittees were created for the purpose of studying the Affordable Care Act and Equal parenting Time. The Equal Parenting Time Subcommittee will also cover Shared Parenting, the Parenting Time Adjustment, and Direct and Indirect Expenses. The subcommittee on the Affordable Care Act will have a report ready for the committee on July 25, 2014. The Equal Parenting Time Subcommittee will report on August 22, 2014.
Subcommittee Assignments
Subcommittee on Affordable Care and Tax
Charles Harris, Chair
Hon. Constance Alvey
Melissa Johnson
Doni Mooberry
Amy Beardy
Lisa Howell
Subcommittee on Equal Parenting Time/Shared Expense Formula/Parenting Time Adjustment/Direct and indirect expenses
Hon. Thomas Foster, Chair
Sherri Loveland
Brian Mull
Bill McClain
Professor Elrod
July 25, 2014
 Case Law and statutory changes impacting the guidelines (Charlie Harris)
 Affordable Care Act subcommittee - preliminary report
 Requiring the payee to account for child support received
August 22, 2014
 Equal Parenting Time
 Shared Expense Formula
 Parenting Time Adjustment
 Direct and Indirect Expenses
September 26, 2014
Preliminary Economist’s Report
 Are vehicles and cell phones for teenagers included in the economic data factored into the guidelines?
 Review dissolution burden – how was the dissolution burden calculated?
 Update on Expenditures on Children by Families
Next Meeting
Friday, July 25, 2014
Kansas Judicial Center
301 SW 10th Ave