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2016 Kansas Child Support Guidelines Updates
« on: February 07, 2015, 11:28:12 PM »
As member of the Kansas Child Support Committee, I receive questions and feedback from parents on a regular basis.  Since my appointment to the committee and since all committee documents are public information, I've been receiving questions on many topics such as:
  • shared residency, direct expenses, and clothing
  • parenting time adjustments
  • extracurricular activities
  • multiple family adjustments (additional children in the home)
  • child support tables
Just to name a few.  The committee meeting minutes are posted on the judicial branch website and many parents are keeping up with the committee progress.  Also any information submitted to the committee is considered under the open meetings act, which requires that documents submitted for committee review be made publicly available.  I believe this is done through the Kansas Law Library.

I have submitted quite a few documents to the committee over the past many months to propose changes that I personally believe in.  As I've informed other parents, these documents should be available by contacting the administrative staff with the judicial branch.  However, since I've already emailed some of these to a number of members, I wanted to make them publicly available.  I hope this thread is the right place to provide these.

The committee has discussed a number of issues thus far, including most of the items discussed above.  I believe a draft of the proposed changes to the guidelines is scheduled to be delivered to the Supreme Court in the next couple months.  After the court's review, they will be formally submitted for review so you can see what all the changes are.

The documents I've attached to my post discuss the areas of interest that I believe need to see revision in the guidelines.  Many documents surround the issue of shared residency and the parenting time adjustment.  I'm not saying that these items are all changing.  In fact only a small percentage of the concerns I've brought have even been discussed.  I welcome your feedback.  As many of you know, I am always open to discussing your concerns with the child support guidelines.

Brian Mull
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